Wilderness At the Smokies & Wilderness Clash

SCHEDULE: The schedule for the K2 Wilderness at the Smokies & Wilderness Clash is now up on AES see attached links:
PARKING: Parking is $5 per day at the Sevierville Convention Center
ADMISSIONS: Gate will be $8/day or $15/weekend. Children 6 and under are free. Parents will be able to purchase wrist bands Friday Night in the lobby of the Sevierville Convention center from 5:00pm – 7:30pm The Admission booth will open 7am every morning.
COOLERS/FOOD/CHAIRS: No outside food, beverage or chairs will be allowed into the facility. Concessions will be provided by Sevierville Convention Center.
REFEREE ASSIGNMENTS: Please be sure to double check the schedule or with the tournament desk for your referee assignments. Coaches, we ask that you remind your athletes that no cell phones, iPods, etc. be used while working the score table and that any snacks or drink bottles be kept off the table.
TEAM CHECK-IN: Coaches will be able to check in at the tournament desk Friday night from 5:00pm – 7:30pm in the lobby of the Sevierville Convention Center.Coaches can also check in prior to their pool play on Saturday at the desk in the lobby of the convention center. Please be sure rosters are correct on AES and have your medical forms available.
Sevierville Convention Center